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Who Am I?

My name is Matt Brown. I'm a full-stack marketer and email deliverability expert.My obsession with deliverability began a few years back when I created all the emails for a successful launch that added $240,000 of new ARR to an online course business.I was ecstatic about those results until I realized that our emails averaged ~9% open rate. At that moment, the deliverability rabbit hole opened up before my eyes. I jumped in and am still exploring it to this day.Now I want to share everything I've uncovered to help you optimize your placement, dramatically increase your open rates, and boost the performance of all your email marketing efforts.I've partnered with entrepreneurs, course creators, and experts to fix their deep-seated deliverability issues, keep messages out of the spam and promo folders, and double the results they get from email.Most recently, I helped a software company increase their open rates by 160.3% and achieve their most profitable promo ever.In my weekly newsletter, I'll share the strategies I'm using right now to help my clients win big with email.

Matt Brown – Deliverability Now

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On Wednesday, February 1st, 2024 – Google plans to enforce stricter guidelines for all email marketers who send more than 5,000 emails to Gmail users at a time. Yahoo has similar plans for Q1 of 2024 as well.If I were an internet marketer from the 2005-2008 era, I'd undoubtedly dub these new changes the upcoming "email earthquake" or "email armageddon" (with an adrenaline pumping VSL to boot).But I'm not.And I honestly don't think these changes will be that big of a deal for strategic and responsible email marketers.In fact, I'm looking forward to these changes because I think they'll improve the email landscape for all of us who actually care about what we're doing (and keep the bad actors locked in the spam folder).That said, there are some very specific things you'll need to do before February 1st, 2024 if you want to maintain or improve your email marketing efforts.I plan to devote as many upcoming newsletters as possible to helping you prepare for these changes and respond to them once they go live.This is why I recommend you subscribe today.

Can You Give Me An Example
Of One Of These Changes?

Absolutely!In my opinion, the most important change that Google has announced is that it will now be a requirement to keep your spam complaint percentages below 0.10%.

New Google Sender Guidelines

That means for every 10,000 emails you send, only 10 people hit the "mark as spam" button.They also advise to never exceed a 0.30% spam complaint percentage. In the past, these guidelines were more like a suggestion from Google. After 2/1/2024, they will become a hard and fast rule.What will happen if you exceed a 0.30% spam complaint percentage?Google hasn't said what the consequence will be. But whatever it is, it will not be good for the performance of your emails.That said, by maintaining good list hygiene, proactively removing high spam complainers (yes, you can find these people on your list), explicitly asking for consent to mail, and making it easy to unsubscribe, you should be able to easily stay within Google's acceptable spam complaint range.But here's the kicker:There's only one way to see your spam complaint percentage from Gmail users. Google does not – and I repeat – does not send this data to your ESP – like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, or Ontraport.Even though most popular ESPs have a "spam complaint percentage" field in the email reporting area, none of the data here comes from Google πŸ‘‡

New Google Sender Guidelines

That's right. Google keeps that data in a proprietary tool. The good news though is that if you're a Google Workspace customer, this "spam reporting tool" is included in your subscription.I'll show you how to set it up in one of my upcoming newsletters.

New Google Sender Guidelines

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If you can check off at least one of these boxes, I can confidently say the Deliverability Now newsletter is for you:βœ… You have an email list with over 5,000 contacts who use Gmail or Google Workspaceβœ… A meaningful portion of your revenue can be tied directly to your email marketingβœ… You've seen a steady decline in email open rates, click rates, and sales over the past yearβœ… Your leads and customers consistently contact you saying, "I didn't get your email!"βœ… No matter what you do, your messages always seem to land in the spam or promo folderβœ… You know how important email deliverability is, but have no idea where to get helpful information about itβœ… Your opens rates (excluding Apple Privacy Opens) are consistently below 15%βœ… You feel like there's a big segment of "cold" or "dead" contacts on your list (don't unsubscribe these people until you hear what I have to say!)βœ… You know your spam complaint percentages are currently above 0.3%

Who Should Not Subscribe To The Deliverability Now Newsletter?

This newsletter isn’t for everyone.And the last thing I want is to fill up your inbox with more emails you won’t read. If any of the following apply to you, please don’t sign up for my newsletter.❌ You have less than 5,000 people on your list, with no plans to grow beyond that number❌ Whether it's an open, click, or sale, your emails don't need to convert❌ You're not gonna read my emails and implement the strategies I send you each week (you know I'm gonna have some awesome engagement automations built in ActiveCampaign πŸ˜‰)

Will This Newsletter Help
My Ecommerce Business?

I'm gonna keep it πŸ’― with you.While I've never worked with a DTC-style ecommerce business on a deliverability optimization project before, I'm confident that the tips and strategies I'll share with you will help you monitor and improve the deliverability for your ecommerce brand.The email deliverability principles I've learned are universal. They might just look a bit different in application than they would for a "thought leader / expert" or SaaS business.🀫 Psst… if you are an ecommerce brand with deliverability issues, hit me up and I'll give you a good deal on an optimization project. Just be patient with me as I learn the ropes in Klaviyo.

Here's A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Topics I'll Cover In Upcoming Newsletters

→ How to test your deliverability so you can know whether you have a problem or not→ Why do emails land in the spam or promo folder in the first place?→ WTF are SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI? (and why do I suddenly need to care about them?)→ How do I monitor (and improve) my spam complaint percentage with Google?→ Subject lines, emojis, images, links: Everything you need to know→ What's the difference between my sender reputation, domain reputation, and IP reputation?→ And much more!

Deliverability Is Boring! Will Your Newsletter Put Me To Sleep?

I get it. Learning the ins and outs of deliverability is kind of a headache. I've got the gray hairs and Costco-sized box of Alka-Seltzer to prove it.But here's my promise to you:I swear to make every email I send you as thrilling as a Robert Ludlum paperback (the dude who wrote The Bourne Identity).My goal is to make learning about deliverability fun and exciting for you – because you'll be seeing the positive impact it makes in your business.If at any point, you feel a migraine coming on as you read my emails, I give you full permission to unsubscribe immediately.I'll even put the unsubscribe link in a size 14 or 16 font so you won't have to squint to find it.But if you enjoy and benefit from my emails, all I ask is that you send this page to anyone you think could benefit from optimizing their deliverability.

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